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Born in 1981, Bloom­berg is the world's pri­mary dis­tri­bu­tor of finan­cial data and a top news pro­vi­der of the 21st cen­tury. A glo­bal infor­ma­tion and tech­no­logy com­pany, we use our dyna­mic net­work of data, ideas and ana­ly­sis to solve dif­fi­cult pro­blems. Our cust­o­m­ers around the world rely on us to deli­ver accu­rate, real-time busi­ness and mar­ket infor­ma­tion that helps them make important finan­cial deci­si­ons.

What began as an idea to bring effi­ci­ency to buy­ers and sel­lers of the bond mar­ket has evol­ved into the cen­tral ner­vous sys­tem of glo­bal finance. We are a for­ward-loo­king, ever-evol­ving com­pany focu­sed on buil­ding pro­ducts and solu­ti­ons nee­ded by our cli­ents. We are pas­sio­nate about col­la­bo­ra­tion. We inno­vate in real-time. We create tools that our cust­o­m­ers need, before they know they need them. We find ans­wers to ques­ti­ons they didn't even know they should ask.
At Bloom­berg, we are gui­ded by four core values that are the foun­da­tion of our con­ti­nued suc­cess: inno­va­tion, col­la­bo­ra­tion, cust­o­mer ser­vice and doing the right thing.

Our com­pany's ground­brea­king suc­cess reaches far bey­ond the finance and tech­no­logy indus­tries: we invest nearly all of our pro­fits to help solve huma­ni­ta­rian issues glo­bally and in our own com­mu­nities. Our foun­der, Mike Bloom­berg, is one of the world's top phil­an­thro­pists, and through Bloom­berg Phil­an­thro­pies, we are com­mit­ted to sup­port worthy cau­ses where the grea­test good can be achie­ved.

Glo­bal Data Sum­mer Internship - 2018 Gra­dua­tes


Are you pas­sio­nate about the finan­cial mar­kets? Are you hard­wor­king, inqui­si­tive, and inno­va­tive? If so, join us for a ten-week sum­mer internship wit­hin Bloom­berg's Glo­bal Data busi­ness!

Bloom­berg runs on data. In the Glo­bal Data team we're res­pon­si­ble for sup­ply­ing it - which also means we solve pro­blems as we seek to enrich all that data so we can turn it into insights.
On any given day we collect, ana­lyse, and pre­sent bil­li­ons of data points that inform cli­ents' deci­si­ons - and moves mar­kets. As a sum­mer intern you will imme­dia­tely start cont­ri­bu­ting to this!

What else can you expect from your internship oppor­tu­nity?
Your internship starts with an ori­en­ta­tion that intro­du­ces you to our cul­ture and the state-of-the-art Bloom­berg Ter­mi­nal. Then, over the sum­mer, you'll work wit­hin a spe­ci­fic team, working on real impact pro­jects and tasks whilst par­ti­ci­pa­ting in intern events, com­mu­nity ser­vice pro­jects and more! High per­for­ming interns will be con­side­red for a full time role at Bloom­berg (sub­ject to inter­view and head­count avail­a­bi­lity.)

We'll trust you to:
  • Main­tain, improve and deli­ver accu­rate, high qua­lity infor­ma­tion for the Bloom­berg Ter­mi­nal
  • Apply pro­blem-sol­ving skills to iden­tify inno­va­tive work-flow effi­ci­en­cies and imple­ment tech­no­logy solu­ti­ons to enhance our pro­ces­ses and soft­ware
  • Assist our world-renow­ned cli­ent sup­port help desk with cli­ent inqui­ries
  • Deve­lop exper­tise in fast-moving mar­ket sec­tor infor­ma­tion
  • Intake and distill raw data to con­vey actionable infor­ma­tion that enables our cli­ents to make bet­ter-infor­med deci­si­ons
  • Work with engi­nee­ring and tech­no­logy teams to enhance rele­vant pro­duct data­ba­ses

Er­war­te­te Qua­li­fi­ka­tio­nen:

You need to have:
  • Flu­ency in Eng­lish and one or more Euro­pean or Asian lan­gua­ges
  • An under­stan­ding of the finan­cial mar­kets
  • Effec­tive rese­arch and ana­lyti­cal skills
  • Excel­lent ver­bal and writ­ten com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills
  • Strong atten­tion to detail
  • Strong apti­tude for pro­blem sol­ving, plus the drive to think crea­tively
  • Capa­ble of hand­ling mul­ti­ple tasks simul­ta­neously in a time sen­si­tive envi­ron­ment
  • A demons­tra­ble com­mit­ment to enhan­cing and deve­lo­ping pro­ducts
  • Strong tech­ni­cal skills inclu­ding an advan­ced level of Excel
  • Know­ledge in infor­ma­tion tech­no­logy or sta­ti­s­ti­cal ana­ly­sis or com­pu­ter pro­gramming (for example VBA, SQL, MAT­LAB, Python)
  • Avail­a­bi­lity to start a full-time posi­tion in 2018

We'd love to see:
  • Recent work expe­ri­ence or internship in Finance, Busi­ness, Sta­ti­s­tics, Engi­nee­ring, Data Model­ling or rela­ted disci­pline
  • Expe­ri­ence in cust­o­mer ser­vice or cli­ent rela­ti­ons­hip manage­ment
  • Effec­tive pro­ject manage­ment skills
  • Enthu­si­asm and com­mit­ment to extra­cur­ri­cu­lar activi­ties and inte­rests

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Does this sound like you?
Apply if you think we're a good match. We'll get in touch to let you know what the next steps are!
We are an equal oppor­tu­nity employer and value diver­sity at our com­pany. We do not dis­cri­mi­nate on the basis of race, reli­gion, colour, natio­nal ori­gin, gen­der, sexual ori­en­ta­tion, age, mar­i­tal sta­tus, vete­ran sta­tus, or disa­bi­lity sta­tus.

Bloom­berg is a disa­bi­lity inclu­sive employer. Please let us know if you require any rea­sonable adjust­ments to be made for the recruit­ment pro­cess. If you would pre­fer to dis­cuss this con­fi­den­ti­ally, please email Alter­na­tively, you can get sup­port from our disa­bi­lity part­ner EmployA­bi­lity, please con­tact +44 7852 764 684 or