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dias/ - Logist­ics

With dias/ we digit­ize the out­dated logist­ics in our tar­get mar­ket by tak­ing care of dis­patch­ing and coordin­a­tion pro­cesses on our plat­form and mak­ing life easier for our cli­ents.

Soft­ware-Developer (m/f) as CTO and Co-Founder for Logist­ics-Star­tup in Ber­lin

Want to get something mov­ing? Come join us!

IMPORT­ANT: Only for stu­dents that fin­ish their stud­ies in 2018 and are will­ing to join us after­wards!

Work­ing field:

  • Help us fur­ther develop the fron­tend and/or backend of our multi-sided plat­form (start­ing point is our cur­rent MVP)
  • Rap­idly iter­ate on the MVP using the build-meas­ure-learn cycle
  • Build up a DevOps team (recruit, hire, and lead employ­ees)
  • Scale our ser­vice to match cus­tomer demand and increase effi­ciency


  • Pro­gram­ming exper­i­ence: ideally React or Angu­lar; addi­tion­ally some node.js, express and mon­goDB would be help­ful
  • The desire to really get something mov­ing, i.e. interest in real impact and logist­ics
  • Star­tup-spirit, res­ults-ori­ented work­ing & will­ing­ness to learn

What we of­fer:

Why you should work for us:
  • the mar­ket is ready and a dozen of com­pan­ies have already signed up to use our product
  • we address a mar­ket where we can execute rapid growth and quickly become the mar­ket leader
  • Our strong team cur­rently con­sists of three people with 10 years star­tup exper­i­ence and 6 years con­sult­ing exper­i­ence

What we offer:
  • Com­pet­it­ive salary and devel­op­ment budget through EXIST-schol­ar­ship
  • Office Space and pro­fes­sional sup­port from Centre for Entre­pren­eur­ship @ TU Ber­lin
  • Cre­at­ive freedoms and decision power over tech­nical aspects of the com­pany
  • Equity/Com­pany shares as a co-founder and the pos­sib­il­ity to have real impact and dis­rupt a whole industry

How to ap­ply:

Inter­ested? You can con­tact us here:
phone: +49 170 28 73 138