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NERA Eco­no­mic Con­sul­ting - Eco­nomic Con­sult­ing

NERA Eco­no­mic Con­sul­ting ( is a glo­bal firm of experts dedi­ca­ted to app­ly­ing eco­no­mic, fin­ance, and quan­ti­ta­tive prin­ci­ples to com­plex busi­ness and legal chal­len­ges. For over half a cen­tury, NERA's eco­no­mists have been crea­ting stra­te­gies, stu­dies, reports, expert testi­mony, and policy recom­men­da­ti­ons for gov­ern­ment aut­ho­ri­ties and the world’s lea­ding law firms and cor­po­ra­ti­ons. We bring aca­de­mic rigor, objec­tiv­ity, and real world indus­try expe­ri­ence to bear on issues ari­sing from com­pe­ti­tion, regu­la­tion, pub­lic policy, stra­tegy, fin­ance, and liti­ga­tion.

NERA’s cli­ents value our abil­ity to apply and com­mu­ni­cate state-of-the-art approa­ches clearly and con­vin­cingly, our com­mit­ment to deli­ver unbia­sed fin­dings, and our repu­ta­tion for qua­lity and inde­pen­dence. Our cli­ents rely on the inte­grity and skills of our unpar­al­le­led team of eco­no­mists and other experts backed by the resour­ces and relia­bi­lity of one of the world’s lar­gest eco­no­mic con­sul­tan­cies. With its main office in New York City, NERA ser­ves cli­ents from more than 25 offices across North Ame­rica, Europe, and Asia Paci­fic.

Intern­ship - Com­pet­i­tion Eco­nom­ics - BER0006W

Work­ing field:

We cur­rently are recruit­ing for intern pos­i­tions for a min­imum dur­a­tion of 6 months (12 months or longer is pre­ferred) full time con­tract as part of our European Com­pet­i­tion prac­tice, in our Ber­lin office. NERA's European Com­pet­i­tion prac­tice has advised on numer­ous high pro­file cases includ­ing, but not lim­ited to, mer­gers and acquis­i­tions, car­tel invest­ig­a­tions, dam­age quan­ti­fic­a­tion, abuse of dom­in­ance, ver­tical and hori­zontal agree­ments, and State aid.

NERA’s com­pet­i­tion team oper­ates across a num­ber of dif­fer­ent geo­graph­ies includ­ing Ber­lin, Lon­don, Paris and Mad­rid. If of interest, there may be some flex­ib­il­ity to work in more than one of these offices.

NERA Eco­nomic Con­sult­ing ( is a global firm of experts ded­ic­ated to apply­ing eco­nomic, fin­ance, and quant­it­at­ive prin­ciples to com­plex busi­ness and legal chal­lenges. For half a cen­tury, NERA’s eco­nom­ists have been cre­at­ing strategies, stud­ies, reports, expert testi­mony, and policy recom­mend­a­tions for gov­ern­ment author­it­ies and the world’s lead­ing law firms and cor­por­a­tions. We bring aca­demic rigour, objectiv­ity, and real world industry exper­i­ence to bear on issues arising from com­pet­i­tion, reg­u­la­tion, pub­lic policy, strategy, fin­ance, and lit­ig­a­tion. NERA’s cli­ents value our abil­ity to apply and com­mu­nic­ate state-of-the-art approaches clearly and con­vin­cingly, our com­mit­ment to deliver unbiased find­ings, and our repu­ta­tion for qual­ity and inde­pend­ence. Our cli­ents rely on the integ­rity and skills of our unpar­alleled team of eco­nom­ists and other experts backed by the resources and reli­ab­il­ity of one of the world’s largest eco­nomic con­sultan­cies. With its main office in New York City, NERA serves cli­ents from more than 25 offices across North Amer­ica, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Our experts provide eco­nomic advice to cli­ents in mat­ters before the European Com­mis­sion, national com­pet­i­tion author­it­ies, European courts, and the courts of Mem­ber States across the EU, as well as in national and inter­na­tional arbit­ra­tions. NERA has advised on many of the highest pro­file and most com­plex cases across Europe. The prac­tice draws, as needed, on the tal­ents of more than 100 com­pet­i­tion experts employed by NERA across Europe, North Amer­ica, and Asia Pacific. Our team also draws on highly spe­cial­ised industry expert­ise of dozens of addi­tional NERA eco­nom­ists and aca­demic affil­i­ates work­ing in other prac­tice areas of the firm. NERA experts work with cli­ents, legal advisers, and fur­ther pro­fes­sional con­sult­ants at all stages of a case, from the ini­tial assess­ment of the rel­ev­ant com­pet­i­tion (and trade) aspects to the pre­par­a­tion of eco­nomic reports, sup­por­ted by strong con­cep­tual ana­lyses and empir­ical evid­ence.


Can­did­ates should hold a BA or Mas­ters or PhD in Eco­nom­ics, Eco­no­met­rics or a related dis­cip­line with an excep­tional aca­demic record. Can­did­ates should enjoy solv­ing ana­lyt­ical and empir­ical prob­lems under tight dead­lines. Course­work and/or exper­i­ence in eco­no­met­rics and pro­fi­ciency in using stat­ist­ical and/or math­em­at­ical soft­ware (for example Stata or Math­em­at­ica) are required. Can­did­ates should demon­strate excel­lent oral and writ­ten com­mu­nic­a­tion skills in Ger­man and Eng­lish. Addi­tional flu­ency in other European lan­guages, par­tic­u­larly Dutch, Span­ish or French, would be pre­ferred.

How to ap­ply:

For more inform­a­tion about NERA please visit our web­site (
To apply, please sub­mit your full aca­demic CV, tran­scripts, cover let­ter and a writ­ing sample dir­ectly to this post­ing: